Automatic optimizer of blocks and boardsAutomatic optimizer of blocks and boards

Horizontal cutter / optimizer automatic of blocks and boards

Manual pallet dismantlerManual pallet dismantler

Manual pallet dismantler with a maximum width of 1.500mm

Board chamfering machineBoard chamfering machine

Board chanfering machine up to 1.400mm long

Automatic horizontal block cutterAutomatic horizontal block cutter

Horizontal block cutter / optimizer with bar lengths up to 4.500mm

Quality selection machineQuality selection machine

Quality selection machine with desembrication option and stacking lines


Pallet unstacker for quality selection or updating

Semiautomatic nailing benchSemiautomatic nailing bench

Semiautomatic nailing bench for pallet assembly of 2 and 4 ways

Automatic nailer CoilAutomatic nailer Coil

Automatic coil nailer machine to manufacture 2 way and 4 way pallets

Automatic machine for big size palletsAutomatic machine for big size pallets

Large automatic nailer pallets

Automatic nailer for pallets up to 1300Automatic nailer for pallets up to 1300

Nailing machine with alternative carriage

Edge cutter/rounderEdge cutter/rounder

Pallet corner cutting / rounding module

Hydraulic pallet stackerHydraulic pallet stacker

Hydraulic pallet stacker

Leg nailing machineLeg nailing machine

Automatic machine to nailing block bridges (pallet legs) up to 1.500mm length


Automatic pallet brander machine