Achaflandora de tablillas

Board chamfering machine

Board chamfering machine with possibility of milling in various formats, depending on the installed milling cutters.
It has a front loading area that allows you to manually load up to 60 boards to feed the machine (depending on thickness) and a table for receiving the finished material, which stacks small groups of milled boards and ejects them from the line for collection, which facilitates in both parts the production with only one operator.

The machine is easily adjustable to perform intermittent or continuous milling and to adapt it to widths between 80 and 150 mm with thicknesses between 15 and 50 mm.
It has a connection pipe system to evacuate waste.

The performance reaches 8 tables per minute, with tables below 1300 mm. Maximum length of board of the model: 1,400 mm.